peer review management

our journal experience

When Jennifer Deyton and Julie Nash started with A&R in the spring of 2000, authors submitted five copies of their manuscripts via mail. This system was clearly cumbersome, inefficient and expensive. In an effort to make our process more efficient, Jennifer and Julie helped the journal evolve from a paper operation reliant on fax machines, FedEx and photocopiers to a virtually paper-free workplace.

Jennifer and Julie participated in the conversion of all data from RMTS, a paper-based tracking submission system, to Manuscript Central, an online submission system. As a pilot journal for Manuscript Central, they were able to influence the structure and upgrades of the system. They also trained all the editors, authors and reviewers on the new system. Now all correspondence between the editorial office, editors, authors, and reviewers is done via e-mail.

By moving all editorial operations online, Jennifer and Julie cut the review time in half and grew the submission rate by 40 percent. They also reduced the annual editorial office budget by more than half.

Since those early days, Jennifer and Julie have been involved in implementing numerous journals onto a variety of web-based peer review databases. They also serve as consultants to offices preparing to launch an online submission work flow. Now their company, J&J Editorial, LLC, employs dozens of editorial assistants, data managers, and data specialists. Their commitment and passion for publishing grows with their company.

software proficiencies

J&J staff are experienced in these peer review management software programs:

  • AllenTrack™ (Allen Press)
  • Editorial Manager™ (Aries)
  • eJournal Press™
  • ScholarOne Manuscripts™ (Thomson Reuters)
  • Rapid Review™ (Cadmus)
  • ACS Paragon Plus™