peer review management


J&J Editorial is an independent publishing services company dedicated to providing efficient and professional support to editorial offices, publishers, and societies. J&J’s employees work in partnership with clients to understand their unique needs and offer a range of editorial, production, copyediting, and submission systems support services to meet those needs at a consistent level of excellence.


We specialize in editorial office management, peer review industry standards, and editorial workflow best practices for scholarly journals. Our editorial staff members are proficient on a number of web-based manuscript submission platforms, including ScholarOne Manuscripts, Editorial Manager, and eJournal Press. We envision the editorial office as a high-quality customer service operation that uses proactive communication to create a positive, easy experience for authors, reviewers, and editors.

• Peer review management, from submission to decision
• Optimization through best practices and industry standards
• Editors supported with system and workflow training
• Proactive communication between author, reviewer, society staff and publisher
• Editorial board meeting and conference call planning
• Experts in leading peer review systems: ScholarOne, Editorial Manager, eJournalPress, Bench>Press, Open Journal Systems

Brittany White
Editorial Services Coordinator


We promptly edit, format, and proof scholarly articles and graphics, and liaise with authors and compositors to create polished final deliverables. Our staff works closely with clients to develop efficient production workflows. We are experts in production tracking platforms, such as Produxion Manager and Protrak, and also provide graphics editing using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Our experienced team of production editors provide speed, flexibility, and a commitment to excellence.

• Initial metadata and manuscript check and clean-up
• Figures and graphics editing
• Liaison between author, publisher, compositor, editor, and journal staff
• Composition vendor management
• Proof/XML/HTML accuracy review and author proof review management
• Article/issue scheduling
• Experienced in continuous/article-based and issue-based workflows

Michael Casp
Production Services Coordinator


Our team of in-house copy editors and proofreaders are experienced editors of research articles, professional society magazines, and other scholarly publications. We ensure clean, well-formatted copy that conforms to any desired style, be it custom, industry standard (e.g., Scientific Style and Format, Chicago Manual of Style, American Medical Association), or a blend. We provide clear and concise communication with authors and editors and are proficient in multiple editing platforms.

• An in-house team of professional copy editors with guaranteed coverage
• All types of manuscripts served: research articles, magazine articles, and other publications
• Clean, well-formatted copy that conforms to any desired style: Chicago Manual of Style, American Medical Association, Council of Science Editors, etc.
• Custom style guide development
• Composed layout proofreading

Jennifer Fricker
Copyediting Services Coordinator

Systems Support

Our vast expertise with web-based manuscript submission platforms enables our staff to be a technical resource for editorial offices. We provide support, training, site implementation, and system transition assistance. We work with editors and journal administrators to optimize submission sites so staff, reviewers, and authors work efficiently within their unique workflow.

• Technical resource for editorial offices
• Experts in leading peer review systems: ScholarOne, Editorial Manager, eJournalPress, Produxion Manager, Bench>Press, Open Journal Systems
• Submission site configuration, implementation, and optimization
• Editor transitions
• Submission system transitions

Heather Blasco
Systems Support Services Coordinator