J&J Charity Update

Another start to a school season means another round of support and supplies donated by the staff at J&J Editorial to this past month’s charity, Crayons 2 Calculators. This foundation serves the teachers and creative needs of students in Durham, NC by providing an array of school supplies to the school systems most in need. Wherein most of these teachers would be paying out of their own pocket for supplies, Crayons 2 Calculators raises money and provides donated school supplies to Durham’s educators.

Since furthering education is a prominent goal amongst the J&J Editorial staff, we were more than happy to donate to such a great cause. This is just the beginning of our new season of charity involvement, in fact plans are in motion to organize and arrange our next event. Speaking with Charity committee head Erin Valentine, we were able to get an idea of the upcoming events planned for J&J plus some talk about some of the great benefits of giving back.

“What’s great is we have people who genuinely want to help others, plus the support of our higher ups” revealed Erin Valentine, when asked about her and J&J’s commitment to charity and the greater Wake County area. She mentioned the inclusion of more staff members by expanding J&J’s in-person charity activities to include events such as a run/walk 5k, offering a helping had at an animal shelter, and continuing J&J’s quarterly adopt a highway service.

Brit Stamey
Member: Brit Stamey
Erin Valentine
Charity Head: Erin Valentine









Former head and now member Brit Stamey was asked about the benefits of participating and noted, “J&J is a big company now, its great to get to know each other in a no-pressure setting.” Not to mention the overall satisfaction of giving back, and gratification of goodwill; charity events here at J&J are a fantastic way to meet friendly faces, new and longstanding, around the company. We look forward to our future events, so check back here for updates!