Professional Globetrotting with J&J

This year, we began our social media series, Where in the World is J&J, as an opportunity to share our experiences and travels with colleagues in the industry. Through that series, we were only able to scratch the surface of our professional travel, so we constructed a comprehensive map for 2019.

For most of these trips, we were invited by our clients to serve as a representative of their journal, or we attended annual publishing meetings representing ourselves. While we spend most of the year at our office in our Cary, NC, these trips give us a chance to engage with our community and build face-to-face relationships with the people we work with every day.

All of J&J’s worldwide travel in 2019!


This year, we recorded a total of 95 trips, from nearby conferences in Durham, NC, to meetings across the world in Melbourne, Australia! We were lucky enough to visit beautiful places like Rio de Janerio, Brazil, for the IGCS Annual Global Meeting; Nice, France, for the MDS Annual Meeting; Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for the ACSE Annual Conference; and Maastricht, Netherlands, for the Third Congress of jENS. We also enjoyed traveling the continental US, visiting cities like Washington, DC, for events including the STM US Annual Conference; Boston, MA, for EMUG 2019; and San Diego, CA, for the SSP Annual Meeting.


All of the trips together totaled 113,705.3 miles (182,990.9 km), which is 5.19 times around the Earth’s equator. For those who run, that’s 4339.9 back-to-back marathons, or for those who like astronomical measurements, imagine travelling halfway to the moon. Now when we are asked what lengths we will go for our clients, we will be happy to report a concrete number.

Whether it’s delivering annual reports to an editorial board, working a journal’s booth, or coordinating research paper writing workshops, we appreciate the trust our clients place in us as we partner with them to help their publications thrive. We look forward to all of our travels next year.

Let us know where we might run into you in 2020!