J&J Editorial is a mission-driven organization with a strong set of values. Communicating our values to our staff, clients, and strategic partners promotes an alignment of effort for the benefit of all.


To be the industry leader in scholarly publishing services by continuously advancing best practices and by providing exemplary services to our clients. Our employees draw on our breadth of knowledge and experience to optimize every stage of the publishing process to help our clients achieve their vision.


J&J Editorial’s professional staff sets the gold standard across the scholarly publishing industry for best practices, excellence in services, and strategic partnerships with its clients to support the effective dissemination of information.

Core Company Values

  • Supportive Environment – Create a positive, supportive environment where employees are treated with respect
  • Exceed Expectations – Exceed client expectations (behavior is more important than technical experience)
  • Excellent Employees – Foster an environment in which employees eagerly accept challenges, exhibit a growth mindset, and embrace change
  • Dissemination of Science – Recognize that research is sacred and believe in the importance of the dissemination of scientific information
  • Work-Life Balance – Create a family-friendly work environment that facilitates a healthy work-life balance

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council

J&J Editorial launched its Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council in 2020. The Council aims to promote inclusivity and belonging among all staff at J&J. The council acts in an advisory role to all divisions and committees throughout the company, aims to empower staff at every level and from every background to be involved in company culture, and ensures staff feel safe and supported to speak up when needed and participate in company events and culture across all of our service divisions and teams.

J&J’s Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council is focused on the following goals:

• Extending equitable opportunities across all stakeholders and ensuring that our practices and policies promote equitable treatment.
• Creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.
• Promoting diversity in all staff, volunteers, and audiences, including full participation in programs, policy formulation, and decision-making.
• Raising awareness about career opportunities in our industry to groups who are currently underrepresented in the workforce.
• Supporting our clients in achieving diversity and inclusion within their organizations.

Current Council Members Include: Brit Stamey (Chair), Tori Capehart, Margaret Graton, Michael Casp, Cat Wyatt, Tasha Wilhelmsen, Bailey Hanna, and Mary Anna Rice.

Contact the D&I Advisory Council: [email protected]

At the recommendation of our D&I Advisory Council, J&J Editorial adopted the C4DISC Statement of Principles:

In principle and in practice, collectively, our organizations value and seek diversity and inclusive practices within the scholarly communications ecosystem. Our goal is to promote involvement, innovation, and expanded access to leadership opportunities that maximize engagement across identity groups and professional levels. Identity groups include and are not limited to:

  • ability/disability
  • age
  • appearance
  • citizenship status
  • ethnicity
  • gender and gender identity
  • geographic location
  • military/veteran status
  • nationality/national origin
  • political beliefs
  • pregnancy/parental status
  • professional career level
  • race/color
  • religion/value system
  • sexual orientation
  • socio economic background/social class

Collectively we will provide leadership and commit time and resources to accomplish this objective while serving as a model to our members, as well as individuals and organizations engaged in D+I endeavors.

Messages From Our Staff

As the liaison to C4DISC from ISMTE, I have been able to help build a community to inform and support our colleagues working toward increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in scholarly publishing.