Our Systems Support Services

Let J&J be your technical consultant as you optimize your publication systems. Our team of publishing experts are well-versed in all the major peer review systems. Whether you need ongoing support or a short-term consulting project, J&J can provide the technical knowledge to help upgrade your peer review process.

Benefits of Using J&J for Your Systems Support Needs

Submission site builds, implementation, and optimization

Expertise in ScholarOne, Editorial Manager, Produxion Manager, eJournalPress, and BenchPress

Assistance and training during a publisher, editor, or system transition


Systems Support Specialties


Launch New Peer Review Sites

Build in best practices from before day one.

  • Expert support when launching new journals
  • Design a peer review process from scratch, or customize existing templates
  • Custom documentation and training materials
  • Seamless transition from test site to live site
  • Continued assistance post-launch for iterative improvement
  • Creative solutions for any workflow

We’re available for future configuration projects as your journal grows and changes.





Day-to-day Ad-Hoc Configuration Support

Hire our experts to be your submission system help desk. Ask our staff to:

  • Configure general site updates, including but not limited to:
    • Submission question changes
    • Email template creation and tweaks
    • Adding article types or submission groups
  • Troubleshoot errors and “stuck” papers:
    • Authors unable to proceed with submission or revision process
    • Reviewers unable to submit comments or upload attachments
    • Editors unable to find papers or track important or expedited articles
    • Exports to production systems not sending or notifying correct parties

As knowledgeable peer review managers, our systems experts have seen it all, and they are ready to help improve the user experience in your submission system.



Workflow Audit Consulting

Identify bottlenecks and create solutions through consultation with our site configuration experts.

  • Clean up overloaded reviewer databases
  • Tailor editorial office procedures to optimize for editor and staff priorities
  • Apply new features from system software updates
  • Ensure the journal is operating using system best practices
  • Understand how journal policies interact when practically applied to the journal workflow

J&J can be your partner for future configuration projects as your journals evolve.




Publisher and System Transitions

Navigate the complexities of moving from one publisher/system to another.

  • Transition to new peer review site (e.g. move from Editorial Manager to ScholarOne, or vice versa)
  • Translate your existing editorial process to a new peer review system
  • Apply policy changes to your site’s configuration
  • Link manuscript flow to a new vendor/publisher ecosystem
  • Update instructions for authors
  • Consult with both publisher and society staff to find efficient solutions

You can depend on J&J’s publisher platform experience.




Implement Journal Initiatives

Create system solutions to support your editorial strategy.

  • Develop transfer workflows to move articles to related journals
  • Assemble and track special issue articles
  • Streamline supplement workflows
  • Assist with API integration (e.g. add iThenticate capabilities)
  • Build a statistical reviewer workflow
  • Administer a reviewer mentorship program

Our systems experts are also experienced peer review managers and can consult about your journal initiatives.




Onboard New Editors

New editors mean new ideas and processes. J&J’s seasoned professionals can facilitate streamlined editor transitions.

  • Interview incoming editors and other journal staff to assess goals and initiatives
  • Optimize workflow for faster decisions and fewer errors
  • Set up new editorial board system structure as needed
  • Set new decision options, workflows, and editor chains
  • Integrate statistical reviewer workflows or other structural changes
  • Design new reports for tracking priorities
  • Provide systems training for new editors/board members



Editor System Training

Increase editor efficiency and satisfaction with targeted system training.

  • Give new editors the training and knowledge they need to apply their expertise to your peer review process
  • Provide videos, screen-share walkthroughs, and protocol documentation to get editors up to speed
  • Give editors the resources to develop useful configurations and reports
  • Create custom reports and saved searches to help editors keep on top of special issues and other priorities




Implement Publisher-Wide Policies Across Multiple Journals

Bring submission sites into alignment with internal policies.

  • Implement journal transfer workflows tailored to specific journal group needs
  • Make submission requirements compatible across multiple journals
  • Translate required forms and checklists into submission questions
  • Add consistent branding and user interfaces through standardized language, questions, and submission requirements
  • Integrate reviewer crediting platforms (e.g. Publons, ORCID, etc)
  • Implement policies across a journal portfolio (e.g. data sharing, cOAlition S requirements, Open Research Badges)
  • Increase accessibility features such as requiring figure descriptions and image alt-text
  • Harmonize article types, keywords, and classifications
  • Diversify reviewer search results and generate updated reviewer search criteria



Data Reporting

Our experts will work with you to design custom reports within your system.

  • Track Special Issues
  • Analyze submission question responses
  • Transfer statistics
  • Design workflows with reporting in mind

Consult with our team for your reporting needs.



Managing Editor System Training

Provide your editorial staff training from the best in the business.

  • General system overview
  • Back-end system configurations
  • Methods for monitoring articles under review
  • General reporting training

Our expert trainers can help your in-house staff work efficiently in the peer review system.



Our staff will consult with you about the real-life benefits and limitations of all the major peer review systems. Keep J&J “on call” to assist with system issues as they arise. J&J can be your extra set of hands for making these changes. Our Systems Experts are also experienced peer review managers with an implicit understanding of how you will want to use your system.

Notes from Our Systems Support Staff

My systems support work keeps me in touch with a variety of journals and a variety of users, and I love seeing those different perspectives and having different challenges to puzzle out each day. Part of support work is explaining how to get the best use out of the system, and as much as that may help our clients, it also helps me learn new ways I can better serve the journals where I work as a managing editor.

I really love working in the support department because I never know what I'll be asked to do on a given day. I may be training an editor, building a report, adding new submission questions to a site, or anything in between! I find it very helpful to take the knowledge I gain in the support department back to my own journals to improve their functionality as well.

As part of the systems support department, I enjoy the opportunity to explore the inner workings of the submission systems that are such a vital part of academic publishing. It's very satisfying to be able to use that knowledge on behalf of my clients and colleagues in order to increase the efficiency of the scholarly communication process.