Our Systems Support Services

Building a new submission site, or migrating to a new platform, is a lot of work. You know your editor workflows and decision chains, but implementing them into a new system can be daunting even for the most seasoned managing editor. Between writing hundreds of email templates, tweaking your new system settings, and user testing, you are taking on a major project—all while you simultaneously keep your journal running on your existing system.

J&J’s team of Systems Support Experts will assist you in configuring your new or current system to work the way you want. Give yourself the ability to stay on top of your daily responsibilities while J&J’s experts put together your new site, to your specifications.

Benefits of Using J&J for Your Systems Support Needs

Submission site builds, implementation, and optimization

Expertise in ScholarOne, Editorial Manager, eJournalPress, Produxion Manager, BenchPress

Assistance and training during a publisher, editor, or system transition

Our staff will consult with you about the real-life benefits and limitations of all the major peer review systems:

  • ScholarOne
  • Editorial Manager
  • eJournalPress
  • BenchPress

Need training? Our Systems Support Experts can train you, your editors, and your staff on how get the most functionality out of your new peer review system. Our Systems Experts are also experienced peer review managers with an implicit understanding of how you will want to use your system.

Keep J&J “on call” to assist with system issues as they arise. Need help configuring a new article type? Need to train a new editor? Need to rewrite your system email templates? J&J can be your extra set of hands for making these changes.

Notes from Our Systems Support Staff

My systems support work keeps me in touch with a variety of journals and a variety of users, and I love seeing those different perspectives and having different challenges to puzzle out each day. Part of support work is explaining how to get the best use out of the system, and as much as that may help our clients, it also helps me learn new ways I can better serve the journals where I work as a managing editor.

I really love working in the support department because I never know what I'll be asked to do on a given day. I may be training an editor, building a report, adding new submission questions to a site, or anything in between! I find it very helpful to take the knowledge I gain in the support department back to my own journals to improve their functionality as well.

As part of the systems support department, I enjoy the opportunity to explore the inner workings of the submission systems that are such a vital part of academic publishing. It's very satisfying to be able to use that knowledge on behalf of my clients and colleagues in order to increase the efficiency of the scholarly communication process.