Our Copyediting Services

Our team of in-house copy editors and proofreaders has experience editing multiple types of content, including research articles, professional society magazines, editorials, books, and other scholarly publications.

We ensure clean, well-formatted copy that conforms to any desired style, whether it is a custom style, an industry standard, or a blend. Our copy editors and proofreaders work as a team to provide edited text that fits your exact specifications.

Our team excels in clear and concise communication with both authors and editors, and we are happy to be the point of contact when it comes to the formatting and editing of content. Our copy editors are also proficient in multiple editing platforms, ensuring your work will be accurately managed regardless of the system it’s submitted through.

Benefits of Using J&J for Your Copyediting Needs

Clean, well-formatted copy that conforms to any desired style: Chicago, American Medical Association, Council of Science Editors, etc.

Project management with custom style guide development and built-in backup coverage

All types of manuscripts served: research articles, books, manuals, monographs, magazines, and other publications

Copyediting Specialties



Fully Trained and Managed Copyediting Staff

Free yourself from freelancer inconsistency. Hire a professionally managed copyediting team today.

  • Consistency – Our internal copyediting training program ensures all copy editors meet rigorous standards.
  • Internal Oversight – Maintain high quality and continual service with our managed copyediting staff.
  • Streamlined Communication – You always have a responsive account manager who will know your project and can talk with you about any modifications, feedback, or needed changes. Your directions are promptly communicated to our copyediting staff to move the project in the right direction quickly and efficiently.
  • Professional Development – Copyediting staff regularly participate in professional development activities and stay abreast of style guide and industry updates and changes. Our copy editors work hard to stay ahead of the curve to ensure you receive the best and most up-to-date service possible.
  • Schedule Enforcement – Turnaround times are our priority. Our copyediting managers ensure work is delivered on schedule.




Quality Customer Service

Authors expect quality editing and a smooth publication process. J&J delivers both with every manuscript.

J&J copy editors will

  • Understand your publication’s priorities
  • Address style guide conflicts
  • Work with editors to develop style guides
  • Fulfill agreed turnaround times
  • Communicate with publication managers as frequently as needed
  • Assist with best practices for workflows and schedules
  • Communicate clearly with author(s)
  • Provide continuous coverage

A responsive and knowledgeable J&J account manager will flag any concerns to you immediately.



Reliable Coverage from In-House Teams

Our copyediting teams are designed to last. Reliability is our goal, and it’s built into every project.

  • Flexible, Full-Time Copyediting Teams – Our team approach means someone familiar with your project is always available.
  • Dependable Workforce – Multiple copy editors means we can hit your deadlines even as your workload ebbs and flows.
  • Scalable Capacity – Our teams can scale with you as your needs grow.





Copyediting Consulting

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Apply industry standards and best practices to your style guide and publication process.

  • Style Guide Development – Create a style guide that works for your publication. Modify existing industry style guides to fit your field. Combine and streamline existing internal style guides.
  • Workflow Design – Streamline workflows with best practices throughout the copyediting process and recommendations for how to best fit copyediting into your editorial and production workflows.
  • Production Schedule Generation – Build efficient, realistic production schedules and deadlines that are customized to fit your process and priorities.
  • Quality Oversight – Enlist our copy editors and proofreaders to analyze your existing copyediting quality and staff without adding to your head count. Our experienced staff will offer feedback and training to your existing employees, freelancers, or vendors to raise the level of quality and consistency in your publication process.



All Content Types Serviced

Reinforce brand integrity with a consistent style applied across your portfolio.

  • Journals
  • Books
  • Reports
  • Monographs
  • Manuals
  • Magazines
  • Marketing materials
  • Internal documentation
  • Figures and tables



Copyediting Across All File Types and Platforms

Content is always evolving, and so are we. Our copy editors work across file types and platforms to edit copy where it lives.

  • Microsoft Word
  • PDF
  • LaTeX
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe InCopy
  • Figures/graphics
  • Tables (including reformatting)
  • Preset templates
  • Cloud-based content editing systems



Notes from Our Copyediting Staff

What I enjoy about copyediting is being able to get into the meat of the paper, that is, to get into each word and its meaning, and being able to work with the author to polish their work for publication. Copyediting requires such concentration and fine attention to detail that it becomes a zen-like task, which can be a refreshing break from other daily work.

I think the most rewarding thing about copyediting is that when you copyedit a paper, not only does it have great and relevant science, but you've also helped give it great quality. And I think that that's something authors, clients, and J&J employees really value. Our Copyediting division has grown exponentially over the past few years, which I think has led to this incredible variety of skill—copyediting is so much more than reading a paper and fixing the grammar!