Our Editorial Services

We treat the editorial office as a high-quality customer service operation by using proactive communication to create a positive, easy experience for authors, reviewers, and editors.

Our editorial team specializes in editorial office management, peer review industry standards, and editorial workflow best practices for scholarly journals. Whatever level of editorial office assistance your journal needs, we can work with you to customize a staffing solution to meet those needs.

Benefits of Using J&J for Your Editorial Needs

Optimization of the peer review process through best practices and industry standards

Proactive communication with authors, editors, reviewers, society staff, and publishers

Timely reporting on key journal metrics

Editorial Specialties

Editorial Office Management

  • Workflow Consultation—We find workflow bottlenecks and suggest ways to increase bandwidth and speed to increase efficiency of the overall editorial process.
  • Reporting—J&J staff meet with the Society and/or Editors to understand the reporting needs of the publication and create and share the reports needed.
  • Editorial Board Meetings—Our staff have experience planning editorial board meetings, and we frequently travel on behalf of our clients.
  • Working with the Production Editor—We are in regular contact with the production staff to communicate publication-related issues.
  • Digital Experience—We help coordinate social media and marketing efforts to promote journal and authors/researchers.


Working with Editors

  • We develop and maintain good working relationships with the Editors, Publisher, Production Editors and Society staff.
  • We have regular calls with Editors and Publisher staff to stay up to date with the needs of the journal.
  • Editor Transitions
    • J&J staff regularly assist with editor transitions at the end of Editor terms.
    • Editor transitions may include making submission site upgrades, any necessary workflow changes, reassignment or redirection of manuscripts from one editorial team to the next, and training a new editorial board.





Working with Authors and Reviewers

  • Customer Service—Our staff is experienced at fielding questions presented to the editorial office.
  • Deadline Enforcement—We maintain deadlines by keeping in contact with both authors and reviewers during the review and revision processes.



Publication Ethics

We are familiar with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) criteria for authorship and the uniform disclosure form, publisher policies for advising authors on obtaining permissions, and the resources offered by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).





Submission Platform Expertise

  • ScholarOne Manuscripts
  • Editorial Manager
  • eJournal Press
  • BenchPress

Working with a Society

J&J staff fill the role of society liaison by providing the link between the journal editorial office, the Publisher, and the Society as a voice to help societies promote their mission and serve their members through their journals.


Looking for input on how to optimize your editorial office? We also offer editorial office management consulting services tailored to meet individual client needs.



Notes from our Editorial staff

It is rewarding to be a part of the editorial process and help the journal publish papers that are of great importance to the scientific community. Watching submissions come in as drafts, go through the peer review process, come back as revisions, and end with acceptance fills you with a sense of accomplishment.

There's never a dull moment working as a managing editor for OUP/FSG. I get to help maintain the academic integrity of my journals while also getting a sneak peek at interesting upcoming research in fields ranging from cutting edge medicine to social sciences. What I enjoy most is the variety—with numerous author and reviewer inquiries each day, there's always a new challenge to overcome and the day-to-day doesn't become rote.