Our Production Services

J&J provides skilled production services, including prompt editing, formatting, proofing, and project management for scholarly articles and graphics. We work closely with authors, publishers, editors, journal staff, and compositors to create polished final deliveries.

  • Project management
  • Metadata and manuscript check and clean-up
  • Figures and graphics editing
  • Liaison between author, publisher, compositor, editor, and journal staff
  • Composition vendor management
  • Proof/XML/HTML quality assurance and quality control
  • Production scheduling and issue management

Our staff works closely with clients to develop efficient production workflows across multiple production tracking platforms. Our approach keeps the article at the forefront and seeks to keep turnaround times to a minimum.

Our talented production staff are experts in consulting with authors about production issues with their manuscripts and figures. Our customer service-oriented approach helps authors bring their work to life while delivering the files and formats required by your production process.

J&J offers end-to-end production management and services.

J&J will build you a custom workflow, using the output package from your peer review system, and will export to your desired online publishing platform, in the formats you require.

J&J leverages XML-first workflows to accelerate time to publication through automation.

J&J partners with industry-leading compositors and technology developers to build efficient production processes.

US-based production staff work in your time zone and understand your priorities.

J&J QA/QC processes ensure accuracy for your publication.

J&J Production staff communicate with editors, authors, staff, and vendors to ensure satisfaction for all stakeholders.

J&J works with your editorial office to streamline tasks and eliminate unnecessary redundancies.

  • Clients who couple J&J Production and Editorial services see seamless integration of their workflows.
  • We consider every step of the publication process to create iterative workflow improvements.
  • J&J’s integrated approach leads to faster time to publication.
  • Our broad experience across the publishing landscape gives us a unique perspective, which equals insights for you and your publication team.

Software Proficiencies

  • PhotoShop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Acrobat
  • Audacity
  • Sigil (ebooks)
  • Produxion Manager (Aries Systems)

Notes from Our Production Staff

What gets me most excited about working in production is the variety of tasks that there are to learn, on top of the daily learning experiences that I get working with such an involved team. It is very rewarding not only to work alongside colleges with such diverse backgrounds in publishing, but to work hand-in-hand with authors who have immense knowledge of editing and publishing and first-time authors who require more assistance with our process. It is such a fulfillment to know that every day I am contributing to the value of their publications.

Working in production, I'm able to assist authors and clients with creating a quality product. The attention to detail and problem solving that is required brings a healthy degree of challenge, and it is a rewarding experience.

Working on production stands out to me because you really see the fruits of your labors. The messy document you look at one day will be a fully produced manuscript for the world to see on another day, and you had a huge hand in making that happen. There's something remarkable about that.