Our Production Services

J&J provides skilled production services including editing, composition, proofing, and project management for scholarly publications. We work closely with societies, editorial offices, publishers, authors, and compositors to create polished final deliverables

Benefits of Using J&J for Your Production Needs

Custom workflow designed to work with your peer review system and online publishing platform, with deliverables in the formats you need

Accelerated time to publication using XML-first workflows and automation

Built-in project management to communicate with stakeholders and implement process updates

Production Specialties

Customizable Services for Your Specific Needs

Preflight evaluation and resolution

    • We evaluate manuscripts and work with authors and editorial staff to resolve any technical impediments to publication.
    • Can include publisher-directed checklist items

Graphics editing

    • We accept all standard graphics formats.
    • Redrawing services available

Manuscript formatting

    • Simple formatting for early online (precomposition) workflows

Copyediting to style

    • Copy Editors enforce predetermined style.
    • Fluent in standard styles: Chicago, Scientific Style and Format, American Medical Association, and more
    • Custom styles
    • Style guide development available

Online platform delivery

      • Customizable deliveries to your electronic platform(s)
      • Quality control for accurate rendering

Physical print and delivery

    • We work with vetted print vendors to deliver physical copies to your subscribers.

Template design

    • Update your existing templates or create a brand-new look.
    • Create eye-catching covers.


    • Assemble manuscript elements in predetermined templates.
    • Workflows pull in text, images, data, and metadata from multiple sources: manuscript source files, image files, peer review systems, etc.
    • Automated XML-based typesetting
    • Manual InDesign typesetting

XML output

    • XML deliverables available for web platforms and indexes
    • Standard DTDs, including NLM, JATS, BITS, and Crossref
    • Custom DTDs available to work with your content management system

Metadata QC

    • Ensure clean metadata with a structured review

Proof QC/proof reading

    • Internal quality control for each document
    • Author proof delivery and corrections coordination
    • Client review of proofs

Issue building

    • Lineups and pipeline reports
    • Frontmatter and masthead
    • Advertisement imposition
    • Folio PDFs for electronic and print

Quality management. Efficient workflow design. Responsive service. Customize a production service package today.




Production Services We Offer

We work closely with clients to develop efficient production workflows across multiple production tracking platforms.

  • Project management
  • Composition (typesetting) or composition vendor management
  • Liaison between author, compositor, editorial office, and publisher
  • Production scheduling and issue management
  • Metadata and manuscript check and cleanup
  • Figures and graphics editing
  • Quality control and assurance for proofs, XML, and HTML deliverables

Our approach seeks to keep the article at the forefront and turnaround times to a minimum.



J&J Production Services Are Ideal For

  • Societies and publishers with staffing limitations
  • Scaling up for growing publications and portfolios
  • Handling unpredictable manuscript volume
  • Journals, books, monographs, manuals, and reports
  • Overflow support
  • High-touch publication processes needing author support

Our talented production staff are experts in consulting with authors about their content pieces. Our customer service–oriented approach helps authors bring their work to life while delivering the files and formats required by your production process.





Books, Monographs, and Reports

Your authors make your publications thrive. Give them a quality experience throughout the publication process.

  • Design engaging publications for your audience.
  • An experienced Production Editor will manage your project from start to finish.
  • J&J proactively communicates with stakeholders, walking them through the process.
  • J&J works with authors and staff to resolve any issues:
    • Graphics
    • Copyrights
    • Inconsistencies
    • Missing information
  • Copyediting by J&J staff Copy Editors





Full Production Workflow Development

Limit your headcount without limiting your capabilities with professional J&J Production management.

  • We work with you to craft a custom workflow that works with your existing systems and processes.
  • Responsive production management for efficient and timely production of your manuscripts
  • Implement your priorities and goals for publication.
  • Design templates and covers for your journal or book.
  • Copyediting provided by professional J&J Copy Editors
  • Advanced XML-first workflows
  • Deliverables that include PDF, XML (including custom DTDs), e-books, and physical print
  • Printing and mailing issues to your subscribers





Holistic Workflow Design

J&J works with your editorial office to streamline tasks, add critical support, and eliminate unnecessary redundancies.

  • Clients who couple J&J Production and Editorial services see seamless integration of their workflows.
  • We consider every step of the publication process to create iterative workflow improvements.
  • Delineate responsibilities between teams to clarify roles and reduce redundant work
  • J&J’s integrated approach leads to faster time to publication.

Our broad experience across the publishing landscape allows us to provide crucial insights to your publication team.




Flexible Input Compatibility

We work how you work. Our workflows are compatible with most systems and file formats.

We accept FTP exports from systems like

  • Editorial Manager
  • ScholarOne
  • eJournalPress
  • Other common peer review management systems

File formats include (but are not limited to)

  • Microsoft Office: DOCX, DOC, XLSX, XLS, PPTX, PPT
  • Embedded images
  • Vector formats: SVG, AI, EPS
  • MathML
  • LaTeX
  • Adobe application files: PSD, AI, EPS, PDF, INDD, INDL, INDB, INDT





Software Proficiencies

Our production teams use industry standard software to produce consistent results.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Photoshop
    • InDesign
    • Illustrator
    • Acrobat Pro
    • Premiere Pro
    • Audition
  • 3B2
  • Audacity
  • Sigil (e-books)
  • ProduXion Manager (Aries Systems)




Vendor Partnerships and Experience

Our teams work in harmony with vendors across the publishing ecosystem to bring you the best process possible.

  • Sheridan
  • Highwire
  • Silverchair
  • Aries
  • Clarivate Analytics
  • Allen Press
  • Lumina Datamatics


Notes from Our Production Staff

Working in production, I'm able to assist authors and clients with creating a quality product. The attention to detail and problem solving that is required brings a healthy degree of challenge, and it is a rewarding experience.

Working on production stands out to me because you really see the fruits of your labors. The messy document you look at one day will be a fully produced manuscript for the world to see on another day, and you had a huge hand in making that happen. There's something remarkable about that.