peer review management

With more than a decade of operational and management experience, Jennifer Deyton and Julie Nash have developed a strategically focused organization dedicated to efficient and professional management of the peer review editorial office. As entrepreneurs who quickly built their own successful management and consulting business, they are experts at helping editorial offices set priorities and creating the work flow necessary for submission growth and timely publication.

J&J employees work in a brick-and-mortar office where ideas flow freely. Best practices that are crafted (or discovered) for one client are then distributed to all other relevant titles.

To stay on top of industry trends, J&J is an active member in many professional societies related to scholarly publishing: Council for Science Editors (CSE), International Society for Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE), American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Staying connected makes J&J better able to serve our clients.


J&J’s mission is to optimize every stage of the scholarly publication process for our clients. Our employees work with clients to create a custom suite of services for their specific needs, while J&J’s adherence to publishing best practices maximize the efficiency of the publication process.


We specialize in editorial office management, peer review industry standards, and editorial workflow best practices for scholarly journals.


We ensure high-quality deliverables by combing through source files, working closely with compositors, and ensuring proofs and web files meet author and publisher expectations.


Our copy editors and proofreaders work as a team to provide clean and well-formatted text to your specifications.

Systems Support

We build, configure, and optimize submission sites to your specifications, and specialize in supporting platform transitions and new editors.