The J&J Podcast: An Interview with Colin Trumbull

Writing for the Industry

We are excited to announce the latest installment of the J&J Podcast! This episode features an interview with J&J Editorial Client Manager and Staffing Resource Manager, Colin Trumbull. Colin has been with J&J since 2016, and his combination of leadership abilities and drive to develop and guide younger professionals have led him to be an important contributor both at J&J and the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE).


Host Michael Casp
Guest Colin Trumbull

ISMTE is a unique society within the academic publishing industry, focusing on the work of the editorial and production staff who make our industry run. Colin is the new Co-Editor-In-Chief, alongside Lindsey Brounstein, of the ISMTE monthly newsletter EON (Editorial Office News).

In this episode we speak with Colin about his new role at J&J Editorial, the Staffing Resource Manager, and how Colin plans to weave his ideas for staff professional development into this new role.



After introductions we go in-depth on the workings and process of running a monthly newsletter and what goals Colin looks to achieve within his Co-EIC position. Topics include open access, diversity and inclusion, and delivering content that is both broad enough to reach most editors but specific enough to lend useful and actionable information to working professionals.

We highly recommend checking out ISMTE and their April issue of EON featuring Colin’s article, “Plenty of Wheels: Working Together to Optimize Our Productivity.” The April issue also features the Early Career Committee column headed by J&J’s Mary Kate Kornegay. One article per issue is free for anyone (i.e. non-members) to access, and all articles 2 years or older are open to the public. If you have any interest in writing for EON, please feel free to reach out to Colin at [email protected].

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