The J&J Podcast: Peer Review Week 2020


Happy Peer Review Week! We are thrilled to announce a special episode of the J&J Podcast featuring J&J’s Systems Support Services Coordinator, Emily Babcock. The theme for this year’s Peer Review Week is Trust in Peer Review, and we all know that reviewers (and the databases that we use to manage them) are a crucial component in maintaining that trust. So we caught up with Emily to talk about her new article for Aries Systems, about peer review in general, and about Editorial Manager system configurations that will upgrade your peer reviewer database.



As one of the foremost Editorial Manager experts at J&J, Emily had an abundance of advice and tips for using the versatile platform, including setting up a reviewer rating system, classifications, and reporting.

To find out more about peer review systems, or if you need help running your own, drop us a line, or you can always email me directly at [email protected]

Thanks for listening, and Happy Peer Review Week!