Peer Review Week at J&J

It’s that time of the year again, as conference season closes its doors, Peer Review Week opens its own. The annual celebration of the essential role peer review plays in maintaining quality begins September 16th and continues through the 20th. Peer Review Week brings together individuals, institutions, and organizations on a global level through social media. Those of you who have been in the industry for a time now know all about it but for some of us who are new let me explain.

Peer Review Week 2019

This is the fifth year of Peer Review Week which is, more precisely, an annual discussion, showcase, and share space for professionals to emphasize the central role peer review plays in scholarly publishing. If you search Peer Review Week or go to their site here, you’ll come across events, webinars, blogs, and social posts discussing everything that goes into this year’s theme, Quality in Peer Review. So, what is J&J doing in our office to participate this year?

Keen observers may have seen J&J has already begun its involvement in peer review week with the help of some amazing staff members like Lindsey Struckmeyer and Craig Lincoln. They were filmed answering some pressing questions about quality in peer review and have already had their videos posted on Peer Review Week’s YouTube channel. Check out some of their work below!


J&J wants to get more people involved, and we feel that so many members of our staff could share their valuable experience and thoughts. In the coming weeks J&J will be posting staff responses of Peer Review Week questions on our social media with the hashtag #PeerRevWk2019 in order to continue the dialog.

As a key player in the peer review/publishing service industry, we at J&J look forward to this year’s Peer Review Week discussion, and we can’t wait to share our insights with the community.