J&J’s Mental Health Week 2020

Last week, J&J Editorial celebrated our second annual Mental Health Week, a program of daily events and resources put together by our Wellness Committee. Mental Health Week is a tangible representation of two of our core values: to create a supportive, positive environment where employees are treated with respect and to create a family-friendly work environment that facilitates a healthy work-life balance. We want to thank everyone for supporting such a worthy cause and offering assistance and suggestions.

The National Institute of Mental Health Disorders finds that 26% of Americans ages 18 and older have a diagnosable mental disorder, and approximately 18% of people ages 18-54 have an anxiety disorder in any given year (via John’s Hopkins Medicine). These numbers reflect a reflect the reality of the occurrence of mental disorder in America, one that affects not only the individual but also the workplace, as described by the World Health Organization:

Infographics © WHO “Out of the Shadows: Making Mental Health a Global Development Priority” 13-14 April 2016, Washington DC.

We at J&J want to do our part to foster a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace. Throughout Mental Health Week, we enjoyed a daily schedule of activities intended to promote mental health, including moderated discussions, a stress management workshop, and lunchtime yoga.

A key aim of our Mental Health Week effort is to destigmatize talking about mental health. By normalizing conversation about mental health topics, we hope to foster an environment where people feel more comfortable talking to their coworkers and management when they need help.

If you or someone you know could benefit from professional assistance with mental health, we urge you to seek professional advice. You can also check local resources in your area and within your own company or HR department. We are certain that every little bit counts. Happy Mental Health Week everyone!

Included below are some helpful readings, podcasts, and other resources to help raise awareness about mental health and give folks some strategies for improving their overall well-being.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors or mental health professionals. We are speaking from our personal experience and hope to empower folks with new tools for improving their overall wellbeing. Please use this resource list as a means to find ways to better understand mental health, community, and self-care, but not as a replacement for certified professionals.




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