Say What You Mean: The Danger of Metaphors in the Peer Review Process

Once a month, the J&J Professional Development Committee chooses an industry article to discuss with the greater J&J team. The topic can range from industry-spanning threads such as Open Access to specific matters such as the careful use of inclusive language in review. In this space, J&J employees—from new hires to executive leaders—can pick each […]

CSE Virtual Annual Meeting Preview

The Council of Science Editors will hold its second Virtual Annual Meeting on May 3-5, 2021. The program will cover a wide range of useful topics, and once again J&J Editorial staff will play a significant role in organizing and delivering the meeting content. The Co-Chairs of the Program Committee, Brittany Swett (Executive Director, J&J […]

The J&J Podcast: An Interview with Colin Trumbull

Writing for the Industry We are excited to announce the latest installment of the J&J Podcast! This episode features an interview with J&J Editorial Client Manager and Staffing Resource Manager, Colin Trumbull. Colin has been with J&J since 2016, and his combination of leadership abilities and drive to develop and guide younger professionals have led […]

The J&J Podcast: The 2021 CSE Annual Meeting with Brittany Swett

In advance of the upcoming conference season, we spoke with J&J’s Executive Director Brittany Swett. Brittany is the Program Committee Co-Chair for the upcoming CSE Annual Meeting (May 3-5) and has worked tirelessly with her committee to put together a substantial schedule of speakers and presentations. She has also recently been elected to the CSE […]

Stop Asian Hate

In the last year, we have all witnessed a rise in anti-Asian rhetoric and violence. The COVID-19 crisis combined with geopolitical tensions with China have contributed to an unhealthy atmosphere of anti-Asian sentiment. But we must not pretend that this is a new phenomenon. Disregard for the value of Asian Americans, and Asian women in […]

Time Crunch: Article Production When Time Is of the Essence

No matter how much time you give yourself, some article will inevitably come down to the wire. In the scholarly publishing world, there is a 100% chance that, at some point, you will deal with a paper where waiting for the next issue just isn’t acceptable, and this article needs to be published ASAP. Perhaps […]

Frankfurt Academic Conference

J&J was pleased to attend the first Frankfurt Academic Conference on December 3 and 4, 2020. The presentations combined for a thoughtful mix of descriptions of the current landscape of academic publishing and predictions about the future of the industry. The organizers brought together Open Access (OA) advocates, librarians, tech innovators, and seasoned publishing consultants, […]

What Is Unconscious Bias, and How Do We Fix It?

We all have bias, whether we are actively aware of how it effects our decision-making or not. It is essential to recognize bias in ourselves and others so that we may be conscious of our intentions. We at J&J want to provide strategies to become more aware of one’s individual biases and healthy ways to […]

3 Questions About Text Recycling

In August, the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) hosted a webinar about text recycling. Members of the Text Recycling Research Project (TRRP) presented on (1) current definitions and standards on text recycling, (2) the results of an opinion poll from gatekeepers in scholarly publishing, and (3) what American law says on the topic. 1. What […]

The J&J Podcast: Peer Review Week 2020

  Happy Peer Review Week! We are thrilled to announce a special episode of the J&J Podcast featuring J&J’s Systems Support Services Coordinator, Emily Babcock. The theme for this year’s Peer Review Week is Trust in Peer Review, and we all know that reviewers (and the databases that we use to manage them) are a […]